April 2, 2024

Eckhart Tolle and His Wife Kim Eng

Eckhart Tolle has made spirituality accessible to people from all backgrounds over his long career as a spiritual teacher and writer, speaking before audiences all over the world and publishing books in multiple languages; additionally he is widely recognized for organizing webinars and retreats online.

Tolle recently discussed his beliefs that his teachings can become more applicable to contemporary culture by infusing them with mainstream rap songs and other unexpected outlets, like popular radio. His goal is to get more people considering their inner consciousness and becoming more peaceful on an individual basis; only then will world peace occur.

Oprah Winfrey's selection of The Power of Now for her book club selection in 2000 brought Tolle into the minds of millions. Since then, he has written other books and taught on living in the present moment, offering online webinars, group meditations, retreats and retreats as well as recording an album to calm the mind that features works by classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven as well as contemporary artists Deva Premal and Matthieu Ricard.

Kim Eng is Tolle's wife and professional partner; a Vancouver-born spiritual teacher she travels with him around the world sharing his teachings. Kim first met Tolle during one of his retreats where they had similar spiritual journeys, drawing her in with their shared journey. Since then she has found his teachings extremely helpful for herself as well as being happy to pass them along to others.


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