July 6, 2022

Drinking From the Well: 5 Reasons Well Water is Better for Your Health

Across the country, homeowners are increasingly looking for an alternative to municipal water. Well water is the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that many are looking for. Here are five reasons why well water is better for your health, not just your wallet.

Well Water is Rich in Healthy Minerals

Typically, well water consists of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Depending on the rock sediments, well water may also contain other trace minerals like iron, sulphur, and copper. These minerals are typically not as common in tap water. Because of these additional nutrients, well water can benefit your health.

Well Water has Lower Chlorine and Fluoride Content

The municipal water supply undergoes filtration processes that involve treating it with chlorine or fluoride. While small quantities of fluoride can benefit your health, higher levels can have negative side effects. Research shows exposure to low levels of chlorine can cause nose, eye, and throat irritation. Exposure over an extended period increases the risk of bladder and colon cancer.

Well water is filtered naturally underground while in the aquifer. But before installing water well pumps, conduct a test to establish it does not contain contaminants. Talking to professionals who are experienced with installations can aid in this process.

Well Water is Less Susceptible to Contamination

While contaminants can get into well water, it is less susceptible to contamination than public water. Municipal water relies on a network of pipes to get water to your home. When the pipes break, they can draw pollutants from the surroundings. Aquifer water is protected from pollution, pipe leakages, and natural calamities like flood water or earthquakes.

Well Water Tastes Better Than Public Water

Well water has higher quantities of natural minerals like calcium and magnesium. It also contains none of the filtering agents prevalent in municipal water, such as chlorine. This alone might be enough of a perk for people to switch to well water—it’s more refreshing and tastes better.

Well Water is Healthier for the Environment

Water from the well does not contain chemical agents like chlorine which can be risky for surrounding ecosystems. Therefore, well water is a more eco-friendly option than water from the municipal supply. Consider this option especially if you live in a rural area with increased numbers of wildlife.

Well water is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to public water. In addition to health benefits, well water is also a great option for watering plants or keeping lawns fresh. It is worth noting that the quality can vary. Therefore, testing the water is crucial for your home's safety.


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