August 18, 2023

Dragon's Blood Sage - What is Dragon's Blood Sage Good For?

Weaving the life-rousing energy of Dragon’s Blood with the cleansing old crone power of White Sage, this bundle invokes mega protection and a fiery strength to stand up for yourself. It’s a potent combination that can hardly be surpassed for clearing out negative energy and summoning in protective energies.

Dragon’s Blood is a dark red resin from tropical tree species with scales. The resin seeps out of the scales and is collected, cleansed, melted, and used to inscribe magical seals and talismans. It’s also known to bring luck in love and money, enhance tenacity, and purify negative energies. It’s often used in smudging rituals along with other cleansing plants like Selenite wands, soothing Amethyst, and gentle Rose Quartz to purify the aura, clear the mind, and bring in healing vibes.

Some studies suggest that dragon’s blood may help with topical ulcers and pressure sores because of its antimicrobial properties (though it’s still no replacement for doctor-recommended treatment approaches). It may also offer some antioxidant benefits, although the evidence isn’t conclusive.

Dragon’s blood may thin the blood, so it’s best to avoid it if you take medications for these conditions. It’s also not recommended to use Dragon’s Blood with children or infants. If you use it as a supplement, make sure to follow dosage directions and consult your doctor before trying any new herbs.


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