September 16, 2022

Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Meditation

Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Meditation

Fear and unease are two horrible feelings. They are feelings that no one wants to experience. However, it's inevitable that everyone will feel them sooner or later. People who believe in prayer, oftentimes will pray to the Archangel Michael when they are scared and in need of a bit of courage. For he is the protector. What if instead of prayer, you are more inclined towards meditation? There’s a great meditation that incorporates the Archangel Michael. While also becoming more in tune with yourself. Check out the Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Meditation below.

Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Meditation

Who is Doreen Virtue? Virtue was a top selling new age author and teacher. After decades in the new age world and beliefs, she had an epiphany. She became a born-again Christian. With this new set of beliefs, she left the new age world behind. However, one thing that stuck with her was the need and benefit of meditation. So, she found a way to mix her old beliefs with her new. She created her own style of mediation. Focusing on the Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael is said to be the protector of all humanity. He is fierce and loyal. He is thought of as the ‘leader’ of all the other angels. Because of this, he is the angel that you want to call upon when you are scared, confused, or feel that you are in need of protection. This Archangel Michael meditation is the perfect meditation to help you feel more safe and secure, when things in your life may seem to be terrifying. 

This meditation is also beneficial for bringing you peace. It aims to guide you in becoming more aware, understanding, and present. It also gives you the tools you need to be able to successfully solve your own problems. All while getting rid of the fear that stops you in your tracks. There’s a great video of Doreen Virtue explaining her meditation below.

Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Meditation

Click here to listen to Doreen’s meditation.


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