September 12, 2023

Does Smoking Mint Make You High?

Mint is one of the world’s most popular herbs and has been used as a flavoring for centuries. Known for its cooling sensation and stimulating effects, it is also used in herbal tea and other medicinal applications.

People are starting to experiment with smoking mint leaves alone as an alternative to tobacco and many are asking does smoking mint make you high? Mint leaves are dried and rolled into rolling paper to make an herbal cigarette. They can be purchased from most cigarette stores that sell small manual tools that help to roll the leaf into a cigar-like form. It’s important to note that any herb that is smoked still has the same risks as any other smokeable substance including lung and mouth cancer.

The benefits of mint include reducing stress, anxiety and depression, relieving indigestion, soothing headaches, and promoting relaxation. It’s also helpful in alleviating nausea, calming the nerves, and improving blood circulation and respiration. Some research has shown that it can even reduce blood pressure.

Using mint can be a healthier alternative to tobacco, as there is no nicotine in it. However, it’s important to be aware that mint contains some compounds, like pulegone, that have been linked with toxicity. In addition, there is some concern about the amount of pulegone that is added to menthol cigarettes as it can be toxic to the body if smoked for long periods of time. To avoid these potential problems, it’s best to only smoke mint if you’re using the leaves to smoke alone and not with other smoked herbs or weed.


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