December 10, 2023

Does a Walk Count As a Total Base?

When it comes to baseball stats, there are a lot of different numbers die-hard fans like to pour over. From batting average to on-base percentage, there is a ton of information for players and coaches to analyze. But one stat that often gets overlooked is total bases (TB). It’s a pretty simple concept: a player’s total bases are the number of bases they gain through hits alone. That means a single counts for one total base, doubles count for two, triples count for three and home runs count for four.

This statistic is important because it’s a big part of a player’s slugging percentage, which is calculated by adding up a batter’s total bases and then dividing that by their number of at-bats. That’s why it’s important for bettors to understand how this stat is calculated before placing a wager on a total bases prop.

But one thing that bettors should remember is that walks do not count as a total base. Only hits count toward a batter’s TB total, and that includes being hit by pitches or stolen bases.

So if you’re betting on a player’s total bases and they walk in the first inning of their next game, it won’t count towards their TB tally. That might seem a little silly, but it’s necessary in order to prevent teams from intentionally walking Bonds or anybody else with men on second and third and trying to save their pitcher some work by giving them free passes.


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