November 20, 2023

Do Standing Desks Really Work? Are They Better Than Traditional Desks?


Do you slump over your computer for hours? If you do so every day, it can result in backache and shoulder pain. Many office employees complain of chronic pain due to improper posture. Moreover, office workers lead a sedentary lifestyle because they need to sit in a chair for long hours. Many experts recommend using standing desks to avoid these problems. Modern office furniture comes with good ergonomics, and it is also true for standing desks.

Why are standing desks better than traditional desks?

When you use traditional desks, you always need to sit on your chair to do your office work. But, standing desks let you stand up comfortably when you do your work. Unlike traditional desks, the latest standing desks have adjustable height. That is why you can sit for a few minutes and then stand for some time. By doing so alternatively, you can maintain proper ergonomics.

Are standing desks beneficial to your health?

Many employers have invested in standing office desks as they help employees avoid different health issues.

Reduce the risk of obesity -

If your daily calorie intake is consistently higher than the calorie-burning rate, it causes obesity. Of course, exercise is effective in burning your calories quickly. However, standing is better than sitting if you want to burn calories. Besides, sitting longer will also lead to metabolic disease. That is why buying a standing desk is a good step for maintaining your health.

Reduce your sugar and cholesterol level -

Patients with Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance experience higher blood sugar after having meals. But if they keep standing for 3 to 4 hours every day, it will help them reduce their blood sugar.

Scientists have also noticed a reduction in the cholesterol level in people who have increased their standing time during office hours.

Get rid of your backache-

There may be several reasons behind the neck and back pain. However, if you use a modern sit-stand desk regularly at your office, you can alleviate your back pain.

Those who use traditional desks often develop bad posture. It is the biggest reason behind the chronic pain in the lower back muscles.

A height-adjustable ergonomic desk lets you avoid hunching and the resulting back issues.

Feel less stressed-

You think your body feels relaxed only when you sit down. Right? But, many people claim that when they stand upright, they feel less stressed. Standing allows you to stretch your body, and you can engage in consistent movements. You can also reduce your tiredness if you use the standing desks.

Make you more productive-

Many employees feel sleepy when they sit in a comfy chair after having a heavy meal. It affects their concentration on the work due to the internal digestion process.

So, standing desks are quite better than traditional office desks. You can check Hurdley’s Office Furniture to buy these modern desks for your workplace. It is the best way to take care of your employees’ health!


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