December 19, 2023

Do I Need To Wear A Hair System? And How Shall I Make A Start?


As a stylist and a hair system or toupee consultant, some frequently asked questions from people suffering from hair loss are: Can you help me solve my hair loss problem? Do you think I need to wear a toupee? Will it look good on me? Is my hair loss bad enough? As a beginner, how shall I make a start? Skin base or lace base, which is better, etc.

Well, we can give you answers to some questions, such as "Do you need to wear a hair system?" and others, like "Is my hair loss bad enough?" are questions for YOU to answer.

How can others tell you if your hair loss is bad enough? Frankly, it's simple. Are you unhappy with your hair? No? Ok, so get a system! There’s an easy way to help you become your better self, so why not try it? It’s totally subjective—no need to seek approval from others. When you check yourself in the mirror and don't like your look, the answer is pretty straightforward. Please get a hair system!


We suggest people try a hair system to regain their confidence and better themselves, which is not an irreversible multi-thousand-dollar invasive procedure. Besides, in order to help more people who have this puzzle, many retailers, like Superhairpieces, has already lowered down the products’ price to make the hair systems

For a beginner, how to make a start? You can simply follow the few steps below:

1. Measure the bald place of your head and make sure of the base size.

2. Choose your base material, Skin/Polly/PU base or Lace base.

Generally, for the skin base, there are different skin thicknesses. The thinnest is 0.02-0.03mm, while the thickest is 0.2mm. Thin skin can bring you a more comfortable scalp feeling and a more natural look, while thicker skin can give you a longer lifespan. A thicker skin base is harder and not easy to tear.

You usually have a few options for lace bases, such as French lace, Swiss lace and Monofilament silk tops. Lace material is softer than Mono, while Mono material is more durable than lace. Silk top has at least two layers of bases, so it is a bit thicker, and because of the silk material, the scalp feeling is more comfortable.

Compared to lace, skin is more suitable for cold seasons, and lace is good for hot seasons. Lace is much more breathable than skin.


Starting with a not-too-thin skin base hair system is a good idea for beginners. This product can make your hair system journey easier because you can simply use glue to attach the hair system by applying the glue directly on your head or base. The transparent skin/poly can show your scalp’s color when firmly attached, and the hair will look like growing out of your own scalp. When removing the toupee, the water-based glue can be easily removed by the remover (for beginners, I don’t suggest using wig tape or Ultra hold glue because it is too easy to tear the base when cleaning and taking off due to lack of experience.)

3. Choose your hair color and hair density.

4. Choose a hairstyle you like, decide to let the retailer cut for you before shipping or go to a local salon for cut-in.

5. Select and pay for the toupee/hair system you like on the retailer’s website.

6. Follow the proper guidance to attach the system or go to the salon to fix it onto your head.

7. Enjoy your daily life with your new toupee/hair system. Meet your better self.

8. Forget you are wearing a toupee/hair system. Trust it, trust the money you paid, trust yourself.

9. Follow the right guidance to clean and maintain your hair system, or go to a local salon and ask for professional help.

It is super easy to give it a try, and when you check the retailer’s website, you will find it won’t cost you much to find your better self back. Many great inventions in this world are designed to make people’s lives better. The proper toupee/hair system won’t let you down. So, don’t need to bother to ask others if it will look good on you or not? Your own eyes will tell you later!


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