March 23, 2023

Diablo 2 Aura Guide

diablo 2 meditation aura

An aura is a field of energy surrounding your character. It appears as a variety of colors and can even act as a protective barrier between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

Auras are a part of the human spirit, and are an important part of your connection to the spiritual world. They also serve as a guide to how your mind works and how you should approach the world around you.

Meditation Aura

The Meditation Aura is one of the most popular runewords for Casters in Diablo 2. It can be used by any caster, and it provides a massive boost to Mana regeneration.

It is also a popular choice for Act 2 Mercenaries, as it gives them an effective way to support casters using polearms and staves. It can also be used with a Druid, Sorceress or Necromancer.

Prayer Aura

The Prayer Aura is another very common Runeword for Casters. It can be used by any caster, but it is especially popular with Paladins as it increases Mana regeneration at no cost.

It is also very popular with other party members, such as the Sorceress and Necromancer, as it increases Life regeneration at no cost. It is especially useful for Paladins who rely on Mana-consuming attacks from their Combat Skill list, as they can use it to help them regenerate Mana quickly. In addition, it can be a good option for Paladins who don't need to be dedicated to supporting other party members, as they can use it intermittently to increase their Mana recovery.


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