March 19, 2023

Dharma Ocean Guided Meditation

dharma ocean guided meditation

Meditating With the Body

Guided meditations are an effective and gentle way to cultivate awareness. These practices can be done independently or in a group setting. The Dharma Ocean curriculum is divided into 12 Units of teachings and practices that unfold over 24 months, allowing you to set aside 8-10 hours per week for self-study.

Meditations and Study Resources

Dharma Ocean's foundational teachings focus on somatic meditation for students of any secular or religious discipline. The organization's mission is to serve the spiritual awakening of those who are genuinely committed to a path of somatic practice.

Reggie Ray is a teacher in the lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Dharma Ocean's founder and director. He has a unique gift for applying the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism to the needs and inspirations of modern people.

He is the author of many books, audio programs, and online teachings. In his work and teachings, Reggie draws on his background as a Buddhist academic and practitioner.

About the Instructors

Dharma Ocean teachers have extensive meditation training and are committed to their personal practice. They often complete weeks of residential and solitary retreat before they are authorized to teach and have thousands of hours of meditation practice under their belt.

They are also experienced practitioners of somatic practice and have been in the Dharma Ocean lineage for over a decade or more.

The Meditation Hall

Dharma Ocean's beautifully appointed meditation hall, located at Blazing Mountain Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado, is a peaceful and beautiful space that is open to all who wish to practice. Designed to be a place where people of all backgrounds can connect with each other and practice their faith, the meditation hall is a welcoming place of community that honors diverse traditions.


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