July 9, 2022

Dharma Ocean Guided Meditation: Practicing Mindfulness

Dharma Ocean Guided Meditation

More than ever, people are looking toward meditation. Whether it’s to seek answers, relieve stress and anxiety, or be more in tune with your body. If you are looking to get into it, and have no idea where to start, you’re not alone. Dharma Ocean is a place where you can study, practice, and implement meditative teachings. They have an emphasis on not only teaching the art of meditation but learning its lineage. Check out the Dharma Ocean guided meditation below.

Dharma Ocean Guided Meditation


Dharma Ocean is a course-based meditative program. Their main objective is to teach the origins of their meditations. And then to be able to use it in your everyday life, while also teaching others. It helps you open your mind, and connect with the earth, and the life source itself. For a better understanding of why are we here.

Blazing Mountain Retreat Center is located in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of southern Colorado. It’s a peaceful retreat where you can go and connect with others looking to learn more, and practice Dharma Ocean meditations. Among the amenities include a mediation hall and a residence hall. However, the real beauty is the location. You have amazing hiking trails, horseback riding, and even the hot springs. If you really want to not only learn about Dharma Ocean meditation, but also feel connected to the earth, and to others, this is a really peaceful way to do it.

The main focus of Dharma meditation is allowing your breath to center you. With the breathing technique, you are able to center your mind and channel your thoughts, sensations, and emotions. The word Dharma originates from many Indian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. The term translates to an aspect of truth or reality. It’s a certain cosmic law and the nature of reality. With Dharma Ocean meditation, you are able to become one with nature and open yourself up to other realities, and truths. It’s a great meditation for opening your mind and finding peace. 

Dharma Ocean Guided Meditation


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