April 16, 2023

Describe the Benefits of Implementing the Continental Go Forward Strategy

describe the benefits of implementing the continental go forward strategy

Describe the benefits of implementing the continental go forward strategy

Gordon Bethune and Greg Brenneman created a plan that turned Continental Airlines around. The strategy was designed to get the company back on track and turn it into a leading airline by focusing on four things: markets, finances, product and corporate culture.

The strategy had the benefit of bringing Continental Airlines back to profitability and ranking it number one by many airline industry metrics. It also helped the airline set up important initiatives that they would use for years to come.

Moreover, the EDW helped to improve the company's financial management practices and allowed for easier maintenance of historical data. The real-time data warehouse system also helped the company in gaining access to complex information quickly.

Another advantage that the real-time data warehouse system had was that it was able to reduce fraud and increase revenues. It was also a way for the company to integrate its marketing, IT and revenue data sources.

It can also be used to track customer-valued performance measures. It helps in developing a strategy to make Continental the most favorite airline among its customers and increase their loyalty.

During the time of the crisis, the company had been following a focused low-cost strategy. It cut costs and lowered its prices, but this approach had the negative effect of alienating its best customers, who switched to other airlines.


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