March 19, 2023

Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber - A Must-Have For Star Wars Fans

darth vader meditation chamber lego

The ominous meditation chamber that Darth Vader enters in The Empire Strikes Back is recreated in this set, with the Sith Lord seated on his rotating seat facing a range of large displays and instrument panels. It comes complete with two Minifigures - General Veers and Darth Vader, plus a squared base and nameplate for a buildable display that's sure to captivate Star Wars fans!

The 663 pieces used to build this model are impressively realistic, capturing many of the details that appear in the film. There's an open and closed chamber with a Technic mechanism that raises and lowers the upper hemisphere, and a big screen that sits above.

Darth Vader's minifigure is an improvement on his previous appearance in 75291 Death Star Final Duel, with decorated arms and a starch fabric cape (adding a softer texture to the piece). His helmet integrates fantastic moulded detail and can be separated to reveal his scarred head underneath.

General Veers' torso and head are also new for this set, featuring an Imperial officer's uniform with a code cylinder and accurate rank indicator. He does not come with dual-moulded boots, which is slightly disappointing given that he's appeared previously in 75288 AT-AT.

Despite a number of compromises, there's no doubt that this is an excellent representation of the pod-like chamber. The black floors are a pleasingly clean and polished finish, with a subtle level of tiling to smooth out the surface.

Another unexpected bonus is the stickered screen which has been built into the back of the model, showing Admiral Ozzel and Captain Piett as they interact with Darth Vader in his chamber. It's a brilliant extra part to the overall model and helps bring one of Vader's most iconic demonstrations of the dark side of the Force, when he chokes Admiral Ozzel, to life.


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