March 19, 2023

Dark Souls Guide - How to Get Rid of the Health Debuff in Elden Ring

elden ring how to get rid of health debuff

A lot of Elden Ring players have been getting confused with a health debuff they get from hugging Fia the deathbed companion at the Roundtable Hold. This debuff is called the “red square hug debuff” and it causes a -5% health reduction to your character bar. This has caused a lot of anger on twitter from players who don’t know how to get rid of it.

This guide will show you how to remove this debuff from your character. You can use a special item that Fia will give you after you hug her called Baldachin’s Blessing to restore your health and remove the red square hug debuff from your character bar.

The story behind the Health Debuff in Elden Ring

Those who have played through Dark Souls will be familiar with the health debuff, which is a small reduction of 5% to your health bar that occurs when you hug Fia at the Roundtable Hold. This doesn’t seem like a bad thing at first glance, but it can actually be a big disadvantage when you’re dealing with some of the harder boss fights in the game.

The Poise stat in Elden Ring helps determine how many enemy attacks you can resist before collapsing. This is a useful stat for those playing as frontline shield-wielders because it allows you to take more hits without being staggered or knocked down.

Those who are looking to increase their poise in Elden Ring can hug Fia for her questline and she will bestow you with Baldachin’s Blessing, a unique item that can be used to remove the -5% health debuff from your character bar. In addition to removing the health debuff from your character bar, this blessing also grants you a buff to your Poise stat which is an important part of any build in Elden Ring.


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