March 19, 2023

Crystals For Meditation

crystals for meditation

Crystals for meditation can be a great way to help you focus and relax during your meditation session. They are also a wonderful way to connect with your higher self during your practice.

The best crystals for meditation are those that have properties to combat stress and anxiety, enhance focus and bring a sense of calm and balance. The key is to choose a crystal that is aligned with your intention and that you feel a strong connection with.

Choosing your crystal

First, choose the stone that has the Universal Life Force energy that is appropriate for your intentions and purpose. This may involve finding a specific chakra, which is a series of energy points that represent different parts of your physical and spiritual self (you can read more about chakras here).

During meditation, you can hold the crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and take your breath. Some crystals will resonate with you while others may not, so experimenting with your selection is important.

Experiment with a Crystal Grid

Create a crystal grid by placing the stones in a geometric pattern to enhance your meditation experience and provide you with a greater focus and clarity during your time in silence. This also helps avoid conflicting energies between the stones.

Cleansing the crystal

Before you use a crystal, cleanse it to clear out built-up energies. A simple process of smoking the gemstone with white sage or holding it under running water for a few seconds can remove unwanted, toxic vibes from the stone and give it a fresh charge.


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