September 12, 2023

Crystal Hoops - The Style That Makes Your Aura Shine

When shopping for jewellery, you want the pieces that make your aura sparkle. And there isn’t anything that shimmers quite like crystal hoops, a style we love for their versatility and the fact that they look great on almost every shape of face!

Crystals are well-known for their mystical benefits, including healing properties, scrying for the future, balancing energies and connecting to your intuition and higher self. Depending on the type of crystal you choose, you can also harness its powerful energy to manifest financial wealth, cleanse your aura of negative energies or clear and balance the mind.

Our favourite crystal earrings include rose quartz, which carries the energy of love and gentle compassion; quartz, which amplifies, concentrates, harmonizes and balances the energies around you; and fluorite, which is grounding and calming to the nervous system. If you’re looking to boost your energy, try energizing your crystals with the power of the sun or moonlight.

Add more shine to your ear party with the Kora Crystal Hoop Earrings, featuring half carat cubic zirconia set inversely along the lightweight hoop for added sparkle. Or, keep it classic with our silver hoop with paved faux crystals that will brighten up any look.


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