March 19, 2023

Creating a Meditation Garden

meditation garden

A meditation garden is an outdoor space designed for meditation, yoga, or other forms of relaxation. It can be as simple as a hammock set up under a tree in the backyard or a full-blown Japanese Zen garden.

The idea of meditation is to slow down, clear your mind and focus on your breath, which is why gardens have long been considered therapeutic spaces. Creating a garden that encourages meditation is an excellent way to enhance the practice of this healing technique and create an area that re-centers you in the face of life’s challenges.

In addition to a designated sitting space, there are several things to consider when designing a meditation garden. First, a defined entrance is important, says Laura Peters, a certified landscape designer. You can choose a gate, arbor or statue as a way to create a sense of enclosure.

Creating a walkway is also essential. You can use gravel, stone, bricks or pavers to lead to your meditation area.

Plants can help fill out the garden, especially ones that are low maintenance and attract pollinators. Some plants to try include chamomile, hibiscus, eucalyptus, dill and lavender.

Water features are also a good choice for a meditation garden. A fountain, koi pond or bird bath will add to the overall feel of this space and increase its effectiveness as a restorative environment.

Fire is another element that can be used in a meditation garden. A fire pit, lantern or statue can give the space a sense of warmth.


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