January 26, 2024

Cost of Betty Ford Clinic

cost of betty ford clinic

Hazelden Betty Ford is a national organization offering addiction treatment and recovery services, including outpatient, inpatient, sober living programs and family support. Utilizing evidence-based practices and 12-step principles they also offer family support and education services at locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois Minnesota New York Oregon Washington.

Betty Ford Clinic provides an extremely cost-effective solution to those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, with professional, knowledgeable staff trained to treat patients with care. Their program can meet the unique needs of each patient while remaining flexible enough for work/home responsibilities without interrupting therapy sessions.

With so many treatment options for addiction available to us today, it may be challenging to select the most appropriate program. Betty Ford Clinic provides services from family support to education as well as an online telehealth program allowing clients to attend sessions remotely.

Betty Ford also provides an intensive outpatient program (IOP) tailored specifically to individuals suffering from co-occurring mental health disorders. The IOP requires greater commitment and intensity but can be tailored to your individual needs - meeting four times weekly for three-hour sessions at first before gradually decreasing in frequency as you move through treatment. IOP sessions take place both during daytime hours as well as evening ones making participation easy while still meeting daily responsibilities while receiving care.


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