March 18, 2024

Cost of Betty Ford Clinic

Cost can often be one of the main concerns for those seeking addiction treatment. But there are several ways you can lower the expenses without jeopardizing your recovery: many treatment centers provide scholarships or financial aid programs to individuals struggling with addiction; additionally, insurance policies cover many forms of drug or alcohol treatment programs; plus there may even be services that assist patients with debt payments and credit card balances.

Established in 1982, the Betty Ford Center of Rancho Mirage is an addiction rehabilitation facility named after former First Lady Betty Ford who overcame her own drug and alcohol dependence. Since its creation, 17 campuses nationwide have opened under its auspices; serving as sources of hope and healing to individuals and families impacted by addiction.

The Betty Ford Foundation provides comprehensive addiction treatment services, from detox to inpatient and outpatient treatments and sober living programs. In addition, education and prevention programs as well as programs that assist family members cope with addiction are provided as part of its services. Online resources provided by this foundation allow users to become educated on addiction as they make informed decisions regarding treatment options available to them.

Hazelden Betty Ford Chaska offers gender-specific intensive outpatient programs designed specifically to address substance use. Sessions initially meet four times per week before becoming less frequent as clinical milestones are met; day and evening options can accommodate individuals with busy schedules and responsibilities.


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