April 4, 2024

Cost-Effective Ways to Sanitise the Workplace

Germs and viruses are invisible to the naked eye and the Covid-19 pandemic taught us the importance of good hygiene and sanitation, which helps to prevent sickness. The Australian government fully support businesses that take extra precautions to sanitise their place of work, and with that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to make your workplace cleaner and more hygienic.

  • Hand wash sanitiser – Fortunately, Australian businesses can order sanitiser dispenser online from Big Clean and this is perfect for staff to clean their hands, which uses touchless automation, delivering the right amount of sanitising gel that dries quickly. The dispenser is ideal for a reception area or staff room, cleaning 99.99% of germs without staff having to touch any surfaces. These units are very popular in Australian homes and businesses and can be found at the online supplier of hygienic products.
  • Air purification – Portable units can quickly purify the air and they are available from the online supplier. Many companies acquired such equipment during the pandemic and with regular filter changes, you can maintain a high level of air purity. Some factories and warehouses have permanent air purification systems in place, which do require regular maintenance; changing filters and keeping the system free of obstacles.
  • Antiseptic wipes – Leave a few dispensers in various locations with a small bin under for the used wipes. These are excellent in as much as your hands dry instantly and they leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. We pick up germs when we touch surfaces and antiseptic wipes kill most of these pathogens. During the pandemic, most businesses used these wipes, indeed, many are still using them today.
  • Masks – There is a lot of debate regarding whether or not a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth would stop a virus; we think not and if you want that type of protection, you need to use sealed masks with special filtration. Of course, PPE can easily be ordered in bulk on the Internet.
  • Improve ventilation & airflow – This can easily be achieved by installing a few extractor fans in the right locations. There are specialist companies that deal with interior hygiene and airflow. They can design a system that keeps your workplace clean and pathogen-free and most are happy to provide a free needs assessment.
  • Hire a cleaning contractor – You could hire a cleaning team to come in and carry out a deep clean every month, which will ensure your place of work is clean.

It is vital for every business to be compliant with government health & safety directives and we hope that the above information helps you to create a cleaner and healthier workplace. A hygienic workplace means fewer sick days, making your workforce more productive.


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