March 23, 2023

Copper Meditation Pyramid

copper meditation pyramid

Copper meditation pyramid offers several benefits to the mind, body and soul. This healing practice helps in synchronizing the seven chakras of the body to promote an overall healthy living. It also enhances oxygen levels in the blood.

The shape of a pyramid is beneficial to meditators because it acts as an antenna for channeling cosmic energy. This energy can be felt in the air around us and is also experienced within ourselves. The pyramid’s shape is especially effective for unblocking our pineal gland, or third eye.

When used during a meditation, the pyramid’s shape helps channel a powerful and strong influx of cosmic energy into your body, which can help in achieving deeper and more lasting states of meditation. Often, people experience increased peace and contentment while using the pyramid.

One of the most common questions we receive is whether or not a pyramid’s base material has any effect on the energy fields it generates. We have found that a copper base is actually not important for the effects of a pyramid to occur.

WOOD: The best base material for a pyramid is WOOD because it allows incredible detail work and precision along the corners. In addition, WOOD is natural and does not conduct electricity.


Meditation under a pyramid is beneficial for many different health issues, including hypertension and insomnia. It can help in relaxing your limbs and alleviate back pain. It can also help in reducing hearing problems and improve vision.


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