April 16, 2023

Compare Davis Vision to Other Vision Insurance Plans

davis vision out of network benefits

The best vision insurance plans have great benefit options for exams and eye glasses and contact lenses. We can help you compare Davis vision to other plans that offer this kind of coverage.

Out-of-Network benefits

If you use a non-participating provider for an exam, you can receive partial reimbursement from Davis Vision. This is a great way to save money on your eyesight care.

Convenient Network Locations and Freedom of Choice:

Davis vision has a nationwide network of credentialed preferred providers, including eye doctors and optometrists. These in-network providers offer routine eye exams, glasses and contact lenses, and even LASIK procedures.

You can also choose a plan with a flat reimbursement for Exams, Frames, and Prescription Lenses. However, you will be responsible for any charges over this amount.

Contact Lenses:

In addition to the established Contact Lens Allowance, participating providers may offer discounts on the amount of your Contact Lens Allowance.


The Davis Vision collection features designer frames and fashion eyeglasses at a price you can afford. All frames have a scratch protection plan and are backed by a one-year breakage warranty.


Davis Vision offers discounts on eyeglasses and frames from its extensive network of in-network providers. Additionally, members can get a free LASIK consultation and significant discounts on laser procedures through Qualsight.

Choosing the right plan for your needs:

Davis Vision has been serving families, individuals and seniors with their vision needs for over 50 years. This company believes that everyone deserves access to affordable eye health care.


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