March 23, 2023

Communion Meditation Ideas

communion meditation ideas

Before communion, the minister or priest usually speaks a short meditation to help the congregation focus on the importance of the rite. The goal is to distill the meaning of the Last Supper into words, and to help people remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


Communion meditation ideas can be taken from Scripture, or may be written by the speaker. They can focus on the CROSS of Christ, his death for our sins, our own FAITH in him, or the COMMUNION SERVICE itself. They can also refer to personal experiences and memories of the Supper. There are many sources of meditations, including the Bible and hymns and other Christian books. However, a good meditation should have just one main idea related in some way to the CROSS or death of Christ and should be brief (no more than four or five minutes). If possible, it should be based on one particular passage of scripture that is relevant to the Supper. If not, the main ideas of the meditation should be selected from other sources. The simplest way to make sure that all of the main ideas are included is to use a bullet note system, putting each major idea in a separate bullet. You can even write them out in advance of the supper so that you will have them on hand when it comes time to share your thoughts with the group. It will save you a lot of time in the long run, and will keep everyone’s attention!


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