March 19, 2023

Colors of Meditation

colors of meditation

In many Eastern healing systems, it is believed that seeing colors during meditation indicates healing happening in a specific chakra or energy center. It's a natural experience, and it can be a useful way to bring balance and harmony to your body and mind.

Yellow, Orange and Blue are three of the most common colors you may see while meditating. These are the colors associated with intellect and action, and can help to stimulate your creativity and strengthen your connection to your soul's purpose.

Pink is a feminine, romantic color of thoughtful care and gentle intimacy. During meditation, you might see this color in the form of flowers or as a soft, soothing tone. It is a non-threatening color that can be symbolic of positive outcomes, an emotional equilibrium in your mind and possessing an acutely sensitive worldview.

Gold is a rich, high value color that represents success, wealth and social status. Seeing this color during meditation is considered to be a sign of enlightenment, as well as the urge to share your wealth with others.

Indigo is a slightly darker color that's often seen during deep concentration, but it can also indicate wisdom and insight. It's associated with the third eye, so it can help you tap into your inner world of inspiration and creative power.

Black is a secretive color that symbolizes the hidden or unknown. It creates a barrier between the meditator and the outside world that offers protection from the potential external emotional stress they might be experiencing, as it hides their lack of self-confidence, vulnerabilities and insecurities.


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