April 16, 2023

City of Albuquerque Employee Benefits

The city of albuquerque employee benefits provide a wide range of options for your health and well-being. Our goal is to provide you with one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced benefit packages available in New Mexico.

Employees who work full time (or more than 20 hours per week) are eligible for birthday leave, personal holidays, paid holidays, vacation, illness and bereavement. If you have a medical emergency and need to use your annual leave, you must request the amount of leave you need via the City’s online Request for Leave form.

Medical Insurance & Wellness:

Regular, full-time employees and their dependents may choose from three different medical benefit plans with Presbyterian Health Plan. These plans are all based on the individual’s need and can be changed during open enrollment each year.

Pregnancy and Birthing:

The PRESious Beginnings perinatal nurse case management program offers services to help pregnant women and their families address the risks associated with early labor, delivery, and newborn care. The program aims to prevent premature births and low birth weight by providing information and resources to help ensure healthy birthing outcomes.

Commuter Benefits:

The City of Albuquerque provides a non-taxable transit subsidy each month, up to a legislated amount, to help employees pay for their commuting expenses. This subsidy is available to Regular, full-time and part-time employees who use public transportation for their commute to and from their job.

Business Discounts:

The City of Albuquerque is proud to offer its employees a variety of local business discounts. These programs are offered through a cooperative relationship with local businesses that have committed to provide special offers to city employees.


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