March 19, 2023

Choosing a Meditation Cushion Set

meditation cushion set

Choosing the right meditation cushion set is an essential part of getting started in meditation. It will help you sit upright and support your posture so you can meditate effectively, and it will encourage you to keep up with a daily practice.

Various shapes, fillings, and sizes of meditation cushions are available, so finding the best fit can be challenging. Fortunately, our meditation experts have helped narrow down the selection to the top picks for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

Zafu & Bolster Cushions

The classic Asian meditation cushion, called a zafu, is usually made of buckwheat hulls or kapok tree fiber. These natural, breathable materials provide excellent cushioning and stability for sitting in the traditional cross-legged position while meditating.

Some zafu pillows also feature a bolster for added lumbar support and hip support. They're particularly helpful for beginners and meditators with lower back problems.

A bolster-style meditation cushion has a flat surface and a padded bottom that's designed to rest on your knees or ankles, making it ideal for yoga practice as well. These bolsters are large enough to support you in classic poses like supine twists and shavasana, and they're easy to clean, thanks to their washable covers.

Inflatable Meditation Cushions

If you want a portable meditation cushion, this inflatable air bolster is a great option. It's designed to give you cushioning and spine support in a cross-legged posture, and it can be easily deflated into a 9-inch-by-10-inch bag for travel or storage.


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