March 23, 2023

Chinese Meditation Balls

chinese meditation balls

Chinese meditation balls hark back to the mystical birthplace of Ancient China. Whether they're referred to as Zen Relaxation Balls, Baoding Balls, Chinese Medicine Balls or Worry Balls, these twin sets of small metal balls can be a useful tool for relaxation and concentration in any moment.

For the Hands:

Mediation and exercise - Spinning two Baoding balls in your palm stimulates the body's Meridians, known in Chinese as Jing Luo – which are invisible energy channels that run through your hands, feet and arms. The meridians are believed to connect various parts of your body and stimulate specific acupuncture points to boost energy flow throughout the body.

Practicing twirling these balls in your hand is an excellent way to strengthen your fingers, wrists and arms; it also helps reduce stress and promotes healthy sleep. It can even improve your memory and intelligence!

For the Mind:

Rhythmic practice of rotating these balls in your hand produces a pleasant sound and releases healthy energy by stimulating acupressure points. These metal or stone balls can be engraved with intricate designs to reflect different positive forces associated with harmony, health and wellness in Chinese culture.

For the Eyes:

These decorative cloisonne-encrusted metal balls are decorated with symbols of yin and yang, which can be very beautiful to look at. They are often made from chrome, which requires a little polish to prevent rust and enhance the finish.


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