April 2, 2024

Child's Pose (Balasana)

Balasana (Child's Pose) is an essential component of yoga practice that offers restorative benefits for both mind and body, providing comforting relief on and off of the mat. No matter your experience level or beginner-ness, Balasana provides powerful relief that helps create an anchoring feeling on and off of your mat.

Yoga practice offers many healing benefits, from relieving stress to strengthening muscles in your back and inner thighs. Furthermore, practicing this gentle position provides an ideal opportunity to reconnect with breathwork while practicing relaxation for more peace and serenity outside the yoga studio.

Begin in Table Pose (all fours with your shoulders and hips stacked over your knees). "Step" out your knees wide enough for maximum comfort while drawing in your big toes together, before sinking your hips toward your heels and stretching arms out in front or stretching them to one side - whatever feels best to you! If pressure on knees and lower legs becomes excessive, use a rolled towel or pillow between thighs and lower legs as support in order to sustain this pose.

Some people experience discomfort while in Child's Pose, particularly those suffering from facet joint issues. Spinal extension can narrow the space traversing nerves occupy, leading to irritation or even stenosis if too much spinal extension occurs; to minimize this risk it is wise to take a more modest approach with this pose - ensure adequate cushioning before sitting still for only short moments at a time.


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