March 12, 2024

Child's Pose - A Restful Forward-Bending Yoga Pose

Reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue. Helps relieve back, neck and shoulder pain.

Child's pose begins by moving onto all fours (hands and knees). With your shoulders and hips roughly aligned over each other, "step" your knees out wider than your yoga mat until they feel comfortable, then bring the big toes together. A bolster or pillow may be needed to provide additional hip/knee support if necessary; women who are pregnant should only practice a wide-legged version of child's pose.

Child's Pose offers one of the greatest lessons in slowing down and breathing deeply. When your belly presses against your thighs, oxygen intake becomes critical to sustain this pose and you must breathe deeply through your ribcage and into the back of your torso to receive enough air for sustained breathing. Consciously exploring this breath helps one learn to focus more closely on breathing efficiently.

If you suffer from facet joint issues, Cobra Pose should probably be avoided, since spinal extension--like in Cobra Pose--can aggravate them. On the other hand, forward bending may provide relief as it allows traversing nerves more room to move freely; experimentation will help determine what works best for you and your injury.


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