March 19, 2023

Children's Sleep Meditation

childrens sleep meditation

If your child consistently resists bedtime or wakes up multiple times a night, sleep meditation may be just the thing for you. It helps kids manage stress and calm down enough to get a good night's rest.

Start with a few short meditations at first, then gradually add in longer sessions over time. You'll want to set aside a comfortable place, dim the lights, and get the wiggles out before you start meditating.

Use calming ocean sounds, white noise, and music to create a peaceful environment for your child. You can also introduce a few short nature stories to encourage them to focus on what's around them and what is happening inside their mind.

Choose a story that's easy to understand and engages your child with imagery. This will make them feel connected to their inner world and help them feel safe.

For preschoolers and toddlers, it's best to choose a guided meditation of only a few minutes. This way they can practice it over and over, without feeling like they're doing too much or getting bored.

Find a guided meditation app for your kids to listen to before bedtime. Some apps offer a variety of styles of meditation, from story-based to muscle relaxation.

Calm Kids:

These kids podcasts feature a calming voice from a mindfulness coach and original music to encourage kids to relax and prepare for sleep. Each episode includes cute and visual meditation techniques that are easy for kids to follow and relate to.


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