September 12, 2023

Charly Jordan Roses

charly jordan roses

It takes a lot of courage to go it alone as an entrepreneur, especially when you're an influencer. But when you have the right mindset and structure in place, it can be incredibly rewarding. One woman that's proven this is model, business owner and content creator Charly Jordan, who built a thriving empire from nothing more than a phone and her hustle.

Her work ethic is unmatched and she's even managed to turn a small budget into two online brands of her own that help her reach people in need, including a line of smoke roses meant to help push the smoking industry in a more natural direction as well as a clothing brand called Beauty In Pain. And she shared all of her secrets with Early Show Style Contributor Christy Ferer Friday.

A heartfelt expression of sympathy and love. The soft, soothing blooms of white and creme roses, white asiatic lilies and Queen Anne's lace are accented with lavender larkspur, pink matsumoto asters and bells of Ireland arranged in a classic vase. This arrangement is a beautiful way to share your condolences and show how much you care.

Flowing with warm, loving sentiments, this beautiful bouquet is an ideal way to send your best wishes for a special someone's birthday or anniversary. Fuchsia roses and gypsophilia, surrounded by pink asiatic lilies and Bells of Ireland, are beautifully arranged in an elegant clear glass vase.


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