September 12, 2023

Chamomile Tea Smoking

The mystical herb of chamomile has long been revered for its calming, soothing properties when brewed into a delicious cup of tea. However, as the herbal remedy continues to rise in popularity, some individuals have decided to use chamomile for relaxation in a different way – by smoking it. While consuming the herb by brewing it into a tea has many health benefits, smoking the herb is not recommended as it may cause irritation to the lungs and respiratory system.

While some studies suggest that inhaling chamomile smoke can reduce anxiety and stress, additional research is needed before this claim can be confirmed. Inhaling any smoke can irritate the lungs and upper respiratory system, potentially leading to inflammation and other conditions.

Inhaling any substance, including herbs such as chamomile, can induce allergies, especially for those who are sensitive to plants in the Asteraceae family, such as marigolds or ragweed. Chamomile is botanically related to these plants and shares similar allergenic compounds, which could trigger allergic reactions in those who are susceptible.

Smoking chamomile can also interfere with some medications, including those prescribed for depression. It can also cause drowsiness, which could lead to accidents or injury when driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Additionally, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid using chamomile or any other herbs for smoking, as the herb can have a negative impact on maternal and fetal health. It is also advisable to seek medical advice before trying any new herbal remedies, including chamomile tea.


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