March 19, 2024

Chakra Symbols

Chakra symbols play an integral role in an individual's energy system. They help individuals tune into their chakras, identify any imbalances or blockages, and work toward healing and balancing their energy - acting as guides along their spiritual journey towards greater spiritual awakening.

The Root Chakra Symbol can be recognized by its combination of red and square shapes; the former stands for foundational energy of stability, physicality and balance while red stands for earth and links this chakra with Muladhara's grounded energy.

Next is the Sacral Chakra Symbol, represented by orange and a six-petal lotus with six petals that symbolize negative traits that need to be extinguished for Svadhisthana to remain open and balanced. These include jealousy, pride, hatred, desire and anger.

Third Eye Chakra symbols consist of a black antelope and circle, each embodying different qualities essential for its achievement. An antelope represents Ajna by embodying honesty and trustworthiness while the circle stands for universal awareness associated with this chakra's ethereal energy.

Chakra symbols typically consist of several circles and interlocking triangles that symbolize the cycle of life and how each step builds onto another. Downward pointing triangles symbolize water energy - associated with its feminine aspect in many cultures through goddess figures like Mata Ganga (Mother Ganges). Upward-pointing triangles represent fire energy associated with its masculine aspect - associated with chakra masculinity.


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