March 13, 2024

Chakra Symbols

Yoga mats and websites often display chakra symbols to represent each energy center. Each chakra holds specific meaning, symbolism and color that help guide meditation, healing, and spiritual practices.

Hindu tradition recognizes seven major chakras. Most commonly, chakra symbols are circular with colors, shapes and sounds to represent various aspects of an individual's energy system. Visual representations called mandalas contain additional symbolic meaning that represents different aspects of energy flow in our bodies.

Root Chakra Symbol The earth element symbolizes physicality and thus the root chakra is represented by a four-petalled lotus flower with circles surrounding it and an ancient seed mantra "LAM." A downward-pointing triangle represents its grounding energy while sometimes also depicting Kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of your spine until awakened, when it ascends all seven chakras until connecting to the universe through every channel in your body.

Sacral Chakra Symbol Our sacral chakra serves as the emotional and creative hub of our being, embodying all aspects of love, harmony, empathy, understanding, purity compassion unity forgiveness. Its twelve petals symbolize its divine attributes of love harmony empathy understanding understanding purity compassion unity forgiveness while often depicted with crescent moon symbolizing cycles and fluid emotions.


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