October 21, 2021

Centering Meditation: Get Grounded and Centered

Centering Meditation

Sometimes you need to get grounded and centered after a stressful situation. It can be tough to realize that that is exactly what you need when things go bad. If you are here then you have taken the most important step. You are willing to get help and meditate. Check out this amazing centering meditation here.

Centering Meditation

This is a guided meditation to bring you a grounded feeling. You will definitely feel much better after watching it and practicing a few times over a week.

The video guides you through some breathing exercises and brings up many mindfulness analogies. It tells you to watch your thoughts like they were you watching a sports game. You watch the sports game and comment on it as if it were your own brain you were watching. I love this analogy because it reminds me that I am the observer of my own thoughts.

It reminds you to come back to breathing whenever your mind starts to wander off. This is very helpful especially for beginners whose minds may wander more than usual. Also, the video has you envision that you are in a lush green field. You get to kind of visualize this and get in a very comfortable peaceful space. I love this part as it made me feel very warm and happy to be there.

Video: Centering Meditation


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