December 14, 2023

Can You Smoke Sage?

Sage, also known as Salvia officinalis, has a long history of use. It has many benefits and uses, from a natural deodorant to an antiseptic. It’s a member of the mint family and is grown all over the world. The herb is a staple in Native American culture, and it’s thought to cleanse people, homes, and objects of negative energy.

If you want to know, can you smoke sage? Sage is a great choice for this purpose. The plant offers a pleasant scent when smoked, and it’s an excellent alternative to tobacco or cannabis. Many people find that it’s easier to quit smoking when they switch to herbal blends, and sage is one of the most popular choices for these.

Before you start smudging, you should set an intention for the cleansing. This can be as simple as “I release any lingering negativity” or more specific, like “I clear my home of negative energy to promote peace and wellbeing.” Then you’ll need some fresh sage. You can purchase sage bundles, known as smudge sticks, or make your own using a stick, string, and dried herbs of your choice. If you do decide to make your own smudge stick, you should dry it in the sun for about a week so that the leaves and stalks are evenly moistened.

Light the sage, and blow out the flame quickly if it catches fire. As the sage burns, it will release a thick smoke. Waft the smoke around your body and space, directing it to any areas that need attention. Some people prefer to smudge their entire bodies, while others choose to focus on specific areas like the throat and neck. You can also smudge items in your home, such as jewelry or furniture, to protect them against negative energy.


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