September 12, 2023

Can You Smoke Mint?

Mint is an herb that is commonly brewed into a tea for a refreshing beverage. However, it can also be smoked for a more intense minty experience. People who have a hard time quitting smoking tobacco may find that inhaling the fumes of mint can help them to ease off the habit. Mint’s pleasant flavor and non-psychoactive properties make it an ideal solution for people who want to avoid the negative long term health effects of cigarettes.

The process of smoking mint leaves is relatively easy and can be done using any rolling paper that you would use to smoke marijuana. The menthol in the mint leaves can be very strong, so it is important to only place a small amount of them in your rolling paper when making your herbal cigarette. Smoking too much of a strong herb like mint can lead to your throat and lungs becoming irritated.

When smoking mint, it is recommended to roll the herb into a “V” shape with your rolling papers. Then, sprinkle the dried mint leaves onto the crease of your V-shaped paper, and then carefully roll the sides together until you have a rolled mint cigarette. Finally, lick the edges of your cigarette to seal it.

Smoking herbs such as mint has become very popular in recent years. The theory is that when an herb is smoked it activates more of the nutrients within it. There is no evidence to support this claim though, and it is important to remember that any plant you are smoking contains carbon monoxide which can cause lung problems.


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