January 28, 2024

Can You Smoke Lavender Like Tobacco?

can you smoke lavender

Lavender is an herb used for its many therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Some enjoy drinking tea with lavender infusion, while others apply lavender oil topically on the skin. Lavender may help relax anxiety and depression symptoms as well. Some even smoke it for its aroma and flavor!

However, some individuals are curious as to whether lavender can be smoked like tobacco. While yes it technically can, smoking lavender is generally not advised and alternative methods that are safer for your lungs should be explored instead.

One major reason not to smoke lavender is that doing so could be harmful for pregnant women, due to no research regarding its safety during inhalation. Furthermore, smoking any substance can harm your lungs and lead to respiratory illnesses over time due to the release of chemicals and contaminants produced from burning any plant and release as smoke which irritate your lungs over time.

However, if you want to experience lavender for its calming and relaxing properties, combining it with other herbs such as mint, mugwort or cannabis (where legal) will create an enjoyable experience. You could also opt for vaping lavender as it offers more discreet yet enjoyable way of experiencing its benefits; traditional pipes, herbal cigarettes or even vaporizers specifically designed for dried herbs all allow this method of ingestion.


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