March 15, 2024

Can You Smoke Lavender?

Many find lavender soothing and relaxing, helping reduce stress levels and providing sleep aid. Lavender also can aid breathing problems, headaches, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits - making it one of the best remedies available to relieve those symptoms. You can find lavender products such as tinctures, capsules and oils containing this ingredient; but is smoking lavender an option? Yes; smoking lavender plants and buds is possible but always take caution before smoking anything.

Smoking lavender presents similar health risks as any form of smoking, as you are inhaling smoke into your lungs. However, when grown yourself or purchased from a reliable supplier it's unlikely there will be any additives or chemicals which are unsafe to inhale. Most commonly only the flowers are used for smoking; however you could also experiment with other parts of the plant including leaves and stems as these too may be smoked.

Importantly, smoking lavender may provide relaxation and stress relief; however, there is insufficient scientific evidence that supports its effectiveness as a herbal remedy. Furthermore, breathing in lavender smoke could irritate lungs or even worsen preexisting respiratory conditions in some individuals.

Whoever doesn't wish to inhale lavender smoke should consider other methods for enjoying its benefits, such as essential oil diffusers or adding it directly into a cup of tea. You can also find lavender-related products like candles and sachets available.


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