September 12, 2023

Can You Smoke Italian Seasoning?

For many of us, a pinch of Italian seasoning is the secret to cooking up a delicious meal. This simple herb mix can be used in a variety of dishes and is a staple in most spice cabinets. It is easy to make your own homemade Italian seasoning blend and it’s a great DIY project to do with kids! This seasoning mix also makes for great gifts to give to friends and neighbors.

While store-bought shakers of this seasoning are convenient, there is something gratifying about having your own homemade blend of herbs and spices. Plus, you can customize your mix as desired and avoid any added ingredients that you might find in a store-bought blend. The recipe for this seasoning mix uses herbs that are commonly found in most spice cabinets and can easily be purchased at any grocery store.

Oregano: A key ingredient in Italian cooking, oregano adds a strong, earthy flavor to dishes. This herb is also known for its medicinal properties and can help with conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

Basil: A classic herb that’s incredibly versatile and adds a sweet, garden-fresh flavor to recipes. This herb pairs well with garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil.

Rosemary: A common and flavorful herb, rosemary is a great addition to Italian cuisine. This herb is often used in stews, sauces, and marinades.

Thyme: Thyme is another essential herb that’s very flavorful and pairs well with oregano, rosemary, and garlic. This herb is great for savory dishes, like meatloaf.


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