September 12, 2023

Can I Smoke Sage?

Sage is a powerful herb with a long history of being used in both medicine and culinary dishes. It has a soothing scent, and many believe that it can help ward off negative energy.

Sage has been known to reduce anxiety and depression. It is also thought to encourage positive feelings and increase happiness. However, it is important to note that burning sage should not be used as a substitute for medication. People who are experiencing serious mood issues or clinical anxiety should talk to their doctor before trying any new practices, including burning sage.

Can I Smoke Sage?

If you’re looking for a way to cleanse your space, clear your mind, or just try something new, then smudging may be just what you need. It’s a simple ritual that involves a bundle of dried sage leaves, lighting it, and waving the smoke around a room or object to cleanse away negativity.

To begin, you’ll want to gather some fresh sage and let it dry. This should take about a week or so, but it’s important to be careful not to expose it to the elements during this time. If the weather is rainy or humid, it can ruin the drying process.

Once the sage is ready, light it with a match or candle and let it burn until you see orange embers on one end. Then, gently blow out the flame so that you have a small flame and some smoldering sage leaves left. From there, you can hold the sage in front of you and move it slowly around your body and space to cleanse your surroundings.


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