December 7, 2023

Can Constipation Cause Fever?

Constipation can occur when your body is unable to pass stool due to an infection or other health conditions. Sometimes, these infections can result in fever and other symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Infections that can cause fever include the flu, tonsillitis, and urinary tract infections. However, fever may also be caused by autoimmune disorders or hormonal changes such as those during pregnancy and menopause. Constipation can be a side effect of certain medications and supplements as well.

While it is rare, severe constipation can cause fever. This is particularly true in children. It is important to see a doctor when a child has constipation and fever because the combination could be a sign of an underlying problem such as appendicitis, which needs prompt surgery to prevent rupture.

Other symptoms that should not be ignored in conjunction with constipation and fever are rectal pain, blood in the stool, and significant dehydration. It is important to drink plenty of fluids and to avoid laxatives for longer than a few weeks without consulting a healthcare professional.

Constipation can be treated with dietary changes, exercise, and regular bathroom routines. A diet high in fiber and vegetables is important as well as avoiding foods that are known to cause constipation. In some cases, a healthcare professional may prescribe laxatives or enemas, but this should be done with caution as it can lead to dependence and other side effects. Children with constipation and fever should be monitored closely, especially if they are having difficulty passing stool or have a recurrent fever.


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