November 21, 2023

Can a Chiropractor Write Prescriptions?

You're experiencing back pain and a friend tells you to see a chiropractor. They're primary care providers who specialize in reducing and eliminating pain by treating the source of your discomfort instead of just masking it with medication. You may be wondering, however, can a chiropractor write prescriptions?

In the majority of states, chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe medication. This is because they are not medical doctors and have not undergone a four-year medical degree program that includes a residency. Medical doctors are licensed to prescribe medication and perform surgeries, while chiropractors only practice chiropractic.

Besides, the philosophy of the chiropractic profession is against the use of medications and invasive treatments. They believe that the body has a natural ability to heal itself and that by addressing the root cause of your health problem rather than just covering it with medications, you'll find a more permanent solution to your pain.

Therefore, most chiropractors will recommend natural remedies that are free of medication to their patients. For example, they might suggest that you apply ice to your skin for 20 minutes or take a natural muscle relaxant such as magnesium glycinate. In some cases, chiropractors will also refer their patients to a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment when necessary. Some states, like New Mexico, have bridged the gap between chiropractic and medicine by allowing some chiropractors to prescribe medications. These are known as advanced chiropractic practitioners. The state of New Mexico has also passed laws allowing these advanced chiropractors to prescribe only specific types of drugs.


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