March 23, 2023

Buddha Meditation Pose

buddha meditation pose

The buddha meditation pose is a classic meditative posture that is practiced in many traditions. The goal of this pose is to be comfortable and aligned for as long as possible, allowing you to achieve a balance between calmness and alertness in your meditative practice.

Choosing the Right Buddha Meditation Pose

Depending on your preferences and your level of practice, it may be difficult to determine which meditation pose is best for you. You might try a variety of positions and props before finding one that suits you.

Full lotus

This is the most common Buddha meditation pose, and it is recommended for beginners. It requires a good deal of flexibility, so don’t try to perform this pose until you have a strong core and are able to maintain your spine in a neutral position with little or no tension in the muscles.

Legs crossed in the lotus position, left leg over the right, palms up, thumbs lightly touching. Torso kept straight, neither bent nor leaning forward; shoulders pulled back to open torso, but without puffing out the chest.

Sitting with the knees pressed against a block or cushion (or on your knees) is another common meditation option for those who find it uncomfortable to sit fully cross-legged. This helps keep the knees naturally lower than the hips and allows your diaphragm to breathe easily.


This is a popular Buddha meditation pose, which can help you release pressure from the lower back and legs, and it also helps with breathing in and out. The key is to hold the posture for a few minutes at a time, until you are used to it. Afterwards, try it for longer periods of time to see how well it serves you.


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