July 9, 2022

Bruce Lee Meditation: Meditation Through Movement

Bruce Lee Meditation

Bruce Lee was known around the world as one of the best martial artists of his time. But did you also know that he was heavily into meditation? In fact, his martial arts and his meditation would blend together at times. When we think of meditation, we hardly equate it to working out in any way. However, there are a lot of meditations that incorporate martial arts. Check out the Bruce Lee Meditation below.

Bruce Lee Meditation


Bruce Lee was a martial artist, as well as a martial arts instructor. He was also an actor and philosopher. His son, Brandon Lee was also a martial artist and actor. Famous for starring in the cult classic movie, The Crow. Bruce made it a habit to meditate every day. His go-to choice was the Taoist method. Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches you how to live in harmony within the universe. Being from Hong Kong, and a philosopher, Bruce loved to practice Taoism with his meditation as well as his martial arts. 

Bruce Lee’s meditations focused on his movements. He implemented walking, running, stretching, and strengthening his mind. Martial arts wasn’t just about sport for him. It was also about connecting to his mind, body, and soul. It was a way to strengthen his mind, clear his thoughts, and center himself with the universe. 

The main reason that Bruce opted to use this type of meditation, was simply because he always had a hard time sitting still. Even as a young child. He craved the mental awareness that meditation allowed him. However, the idea of having to sit still for long periods of time didn’t work for him. The practice of movement, through martial arts, or simply just walking down the street, is what worked best for him. And maybe it is what would work best for you too!

Bruce Lee Meditation


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