September 12, 2023

Brow Lamination For Thin Brows

A brow lamination can look much like microblading, but the results last a bit longer. It’s a great option for those that want thicker brows but don’t have the time or money to invest in regular touch-ups, which are necessary for preserving a microblading finish.

It works by repositioning the hairs on your brow and "setting" them into a more refined, lifted shape, says Los Angeles-based brow and lash expert Sarah Maxwell. The process also tames unruly brow hairs, fills in sparse areas and creates the appearance of density without making your brows appear too fake.

The treatment begins with a consultation in which you and your brow artist discuss the look that you’re going for, which can be anything from full to sculpted. Then, a barrier cream is placed around your eyes to protect them from the chemical solution used during the procedure. Next, the brows are coated with a solution to soften them up before they’re brushed and molded into their desired shape. After this, a setting solution is applied to keep them in place.

Both brow artists stress that this is not something you should try at home, as the chemicals used can cause skin irritation and damage the delicate eyebrow hairs. They advise that you seek a brow technician with extensive experience and high-quality products to prevent damage to your natural brows.

Once the brows are set, they can be dyed for a dramatic and bold effect or for a lighter color that’s more reminiscent of a “soap brow.” A lot of people combine a brow lamination with a tint to achieve a more defined and bold brow.


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