March 23, 2023

Bringing Life to Your Home with Flower Decorations

Flowers possess the alluring trio of color, shape, and fragrance and are an effortless way to beautify any space, including your home.

According to a historical account, the use of flowers to decorate one's home dates back to Egypt 2500 years ago, where floral decorations were a sign of wealth. The study also shows that flower arrangements became commonplace during the Renaissance and that each artistic period produced its own style of flower arrangement.

Besides, flowers not only beautify your space but can also evoke positive emotions. So, follow these tips to beautify your home with flowers and reap their health benefits.

1. Rustic VS Contemporary

Like other home decor elements, flowers are unique accessories that enhance the overall theme of your home. All flowers may be beautiful and elegant, but not all will fit your theme.

Rustic and modern styles are the two extremes on the home decor spectrum. So, decide whether you prefer flowers that emphasize either theme before placing flowers in your space. Alternatively, ask a local floral specialist, such as Sarah's Flowers, who offers flower delivery to Penrith, about flower arrangements for different home styles.

Always go for simple and sophisticated flowers such as tulips and baby's breath in combination with equally sophisticated vases with clean lines. Classic flower arrangements with full-bloomed flowers such as roses, violets, and marigolds are ideal for rustic flower arrangements.

2. Play with Color

Fresh and faux flowers are available in unlimited colors and hues to complement your color schemes and bring your space to life. Add warm, bold flowers like dahlias, sunflowers, red anemones, pansies, lantanas, and red roses to add color and vibrancy to your living space.

Besides brightening up spaces, flowers can also create a sense of balance in your living space by softening the tone. Therefore, consider using muted, elegant floral arrangements like pink and white roses, white anemones, and jasmine alongside minimalist vases to balance out bold color schemes.

3. Reveal Flower Stems for Contrast

A flower’s attractive color is its primary asset as a home decor element. However, adding contrast to your flowers accentuates their appearance.

The simplest technique to employ while using flowers to create contrast is to reveal their green stems rather than burying them inside a vase. Alternatively, you can use clear vases to repeal the stems. Flowers with thick stems, like lilies and daffodils, look stunning when arranged in a clear vase.

4. Use Hanging Planters and Floating Shelves

Hanging planters and floating shelves feature a flair for the dramatic, allowing you to use flowers to liven unique areas like walls, pillars, and ceilings. Moreover, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Also, homeowners who enjoy gardening can use them to protect their flowers from weeds and pests, minimizing work.

Besides the delightful flowers, hanging planters often feature enhancing flowers and textures, including exposed wood grain, wicker, and rattan. They also feature designs to compliment your overall theme.

5. Match the Season

Most flowers are seasonal rather than perennial plants. For example, lilies, marigolds, and blanket flowers bloom in the summer, tulips and daffodils in spring, and primroses and snowdrops in the winter. Therefore, consider using the current season’s blooms to enhance your space by bringing the outdoors inside and celebrating the prevailing season to the fullest.


6. Utilize Strategic Flower Placement

You can place your favorite flower anywhere inside your home. However, some strategic spots inside the home should always feature flowers.

For starters, always have a flower arrangement along your hallway to function as a welcoming feature for your house guests. Besides decorating your hallway, eye-catching floral arrangements along the hallway function as conversation pieces.

The second strategic location is your dining table. Consider placing a single vase on round tables and an odd number of vases (preferably three) on dining tables with elongated designs. Lastly, pamper yourself by including a flower arrangement on your bedside table to trigger that mood boost when you wake up and before going to sleep.


7. Use Neutral Color Vases

Matching your flowers with the right vase to fully explore their vibrancy can be challenging if you lack a knack for interior decor. So, when in doubt, go neutral on the vase. Neutral-colored flower vases complement most spaces and flower arrangements.


8. Add Texture

Besides color, shape, and fragrance, flowers can also add texture to your living space. Textured flowers add visual appeal or weight to space by adding a rustic sense. Moreover, they help create contrast in rooms with monochromic colo tomes.

Essentially, flower texture ranges from fine to medium and coarse. Therefore, use flowers with fine petals to bring finesse to textured walls and coarse-textured flowers like lavender, allium, and succulents to add texture to sleek spaces.

9. Less Is More

Going ham on flower arrangements in your home will leave it looking less like an elegant, relaxing space and more like a funeral home. Therefore, utilize moderation to create elegant spaces.

10. Explore Flower Arrangements

A bunch of flowers is beautiful, but a flower arrangement is an elegant work of art. Therefore, consider working on floral arrangements rather than simply placing flowers in a vase. You can take online classes to learn the basics of creating flower arrangements.


Flowers serve two crucial functions, elevating your living space and improving your mental health. Therefore, follow the tips to integrate flowers seamlessly into your home aesthetic.



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