March 16, 2024

Body Positivity and Wellness

Body positivity is a movement to challenge society's dominant assumptions of what constitutes an "ideal" body type. It was initially seen as a response to fat shaming and other forms of oppression associated with being perceived as overweight, yet has since gone mainstream, with influencers advocating that anyone can find happiness and wellness on their own unique terms - marking an exciting change from past radical grassroots fat activism that often focused on liberation for plus-size individuals (i.e. not being mistreated due to size).

Many users embrace this movement, yet others use it as an opportunity to push weight loss programs or other wellness practices that are inherently commercialized. This is particularly evident among wellness coaches who reference body positivity while simultaneously selling supplements or services designed to help their clients attain their ideal body shapes through exercise, diet or aesthetic treatments.

Ads that claim being non-normative bodies are "problematic" can create the wrong impression that these problems must be solved through purchasing cosmetic procedures and fitness regimens, leading to body dissatisfaction and mental health consequences such as depression. Therefore, individuals should adopt an approach to wellness which prioritizes self-compassion and belonging rather than superficial and potentially harmful practices for body change.


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