March 10, 2022

Bob Proctor Meditation: Abundance and Relaxation

                            Bob Proctor MeditationAre you looking for a wonderful guided meditation that will quiet your mind and allow for relaxation? Maybe you’ve tried different meditations but find it hard to ‘center’? If you are in need of a meditation that will help you focus and clear your mind, then this is the perfect meditation for you. Check out the Bob Proctor Meditation below.

Bob Proctor Meditation

Bob Proctor was a Canadian self-help author and lecturer. He also was a contributor to the film The Secret. Bob knew how important a healthy and balanced mind is. He has created numerous meditation videos that have truly helped millions. Proctor's teachings maintained the idea that a positive self-image is critical for obtaining success. This is why he’s created so many inspiring meditations that aim to provide clarity, positivity, and self-love.

I love this particular meditation because right away it’s captivating. There is very little background music. It is simply Bob’s deep, nurturing voice guiding you throughout. He guides you through meditation by instructing you to simply listen to his words. His words are comforting, while also being strong and purposeful. His voice is so soothing that within seconds of him speaking you feel as if you are wrapped in a warm blanket. He makes you feel completely relaxed, while also feeling focused. He speaks to you positive affirmations, without coming off as cheesy. 

Proctor often references ‘the lavender energy’ throughout this mediation. The imagery of the lavender energy consumes you to the point that you can almost smell the sweet scent of lavender. He believes that lavender has healing properties, and he uses it to help you feel aware and alive in the world and in the moment. This meditation is a favorite of mine because once I’m done listening my eyes open and I find myself smiling. I truly feel so secure with who I am. “ You are an enormously powerful individual capable of all the greatness that you visualized.” This mantra that he speaks really stays with me throughout the day. He also advises you to “share your abundance with everyone who is open to accepting it.” I think this is such a wonderful message. 

Bob Proctor Meditation

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