April 17, 2023

Blue Cross Blue Shield Coordination of Benefits Questionnaire

blue cross blue shield coordination of benefits questionnaire

If you have a Blue cross blue shield health insurance policy, your plan may ask you to complete a coordination of benefits questionnaire. This will help your claims get paid correctly.

The questionnaire is sent in mid-January of each year, and you will need to respond as soon as possible so your claim is not delayed. It will include a section about other health plans you may have, so it is important to be thorough and accurate.

Whether you can complete the form online will depend on your plan, but you can also call your insurer directly and give them the information that they need to complete the process. You can always record the name and phone number of the representative you talk to, and keep copies for your records.

You will need to answer questions about any other coverage that you have, including Medicare and other medical insurance policies. These questions are designed to ensure that your claims are coordinated properly, so that you receive maximum reimbursement for the expenses covered under your primary plan without paying duplicate claims.

Your deductible, copayments and coinsurance are based on your covered services and what the provider charges. If you have a PPO, your deductible must be met before you will have any coverage for a covered service.

Please note that some providers who do not participate in your insurance company's network have a different charge than the charges they submit to Blue KC. Some of these out-of-network providers can send you a bill for the full amount of the service, while others may submit a lower charge to Blue KC.


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